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Reynolds Journalism Institute announces 10th fellowship class

RJI Online | April 28, 2016


Eight fellowships have been awarded for the 2016-2017 academic year by the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. The projects range from emerging technologies and watchdog journalism to community engagement and navigating new business models.

This year’s RJI Fellowships were selected from 369 applicants worldwide.

Each spring RJI leadership identifies journalists, technologists, entrepreneurs, business strategists and educators who raise their hands and present ideas that can help strengthen journalism. This eclectic group will be RJI’s 10th class of fellows.

“It’s really terrific and inspiring to have the opportunity to work with passionate folks who are eager to go above and beyond to help journalism,” said RJI Executive Director Randy Picht.

There are three types of RJI Fellowships: residential, nonresidential and institutional. Residential fellows spend eight months on the University of Missouri campus. Nonresidential fellows explore their ideas from their home or office, with an occasional visit to campus. And institutional fellows have projects that leverage resources at the company or institution they are affiliated with.

Mike Wheeler, managing partner of Westerly Partners, and David Danto, director of emerging technologies for Interactive Multimedia and Collaborative Communications Alliance, will design and test new low-cost, scalable video recording and archiving systems based on emerging technologies for public community meetings and events. By lowering the cost and complexity, they intend for their solutions to become an essential part of community journalism.

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