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Are Your Challenges:

  • Differentiating Your Technology Offerings?

  • Being Relevant In A Competitive Market?

  • Knowing The True Voice Of Your Clients?

  • Demonstrating Thought Leadership?


The capacity to view things in their true relationships and relative importance.

You Need

The difference between a random opinion and an informed opinion based on actual experience.

We Provide:

  • The perspective of people who have used your technology in real-world conditions

  • The perspective of organizations using your technology today, facing and resolving day-to-day problems

  • The perspective of your clients and customers


  • The perspective of actual field experience

Helping drive your efforts toward greater market relevance and greater success

What We Do

Welcome to Perspectives Consulting and Analysis, where we offer a unique vantage point in the world of technology analysis and advisement.


In an industry flooded with opinions and theories, we stand apart by providing insights directly from the trenches - the real-world end-users. Our services come from individuals who have not only analyzed technology but have lived and breathed it in practical scenarios. We believe that understanding the challenges, frustrations, and joys of using technology in real-world conditions is invaluable. While others may offer insights from a detached perspective, we bring the authentic voice of those who have walked the walk. Our mission is clear: to bridge the gap between manufacturers, service providers, and their consumers by offering perspectives that resonate with the pulse of the market. In a landscape where innovation is constant and consumer needs evolve rapidly, our approach ensures that the gear and services produced are not just functional but truly desired and needed.


Join us in reshaping the future of technology by embracing the power of real-world perspectives.


Here's How We Can Help Drive Your Success



Analysis From Experience

We have designed, installed, repaired, operated and trained on more brands and styles of collaboration technology than most people have ever heard of, and worked with more collaboration platforms than still exist today. 

We are available to unbox, assemble, test and evaluate systems and devices and detail their strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of enterprise users.  A written report can be prepared and delivered along with a live presentation (in-person or over video) which details these aspects and highlights areas that could or should be improved upon, as well as areas where the products excel, all of which could or should be highlighted in customer marketing and outreach efforts.  These efforts can be multiplied by using our on-line influence in recurring webcasts and/or podcasts, mentions in articles and blogs, showcasing them at in-person events, and creating whitepapers.


Connection To Real Users And Potential Customers

There is no greater value in the technology industry than actionable feedback from customers and potential customers. 


We have assembled and led a number of end-user advisory boards for many organizations.  These take the form of one-off meetings, recurring groups and/or conversations over meals at industry events.   Not only have many organizations benefited from the introductions and rich feedback gathered, but past attendees have called these “the best part of the conference” as they also glean valuable information from industry peers.  These efforts can improve awareness and market share of products and services, and often create ‘superfans’ that can be relied upon for case studies, references and testimonials. 



Meet Key Customers And Influencers

Our team has a very rich and deep network of industry connections that include end-users, analysts, consultants, integrators and influencers. 


We coordinate several of our own industry networking get-togethers every year.  We can personally introduce your organization to the key individuals that you’d like to reach with your messaging, and add our brand’s credibility to yours.

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